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Executive Board

Christina Education Association Executive Board 2017-2018 (and terms)

President - Darren Tyson, Newark High School (August 2017-July 2020)
Vice President- David Kohan, Glasgow High School (February 2017*-July 2020)
Secretary- Mary Pieri, Gallaher Elementary School (August 2017-July 2020)
Treasurer- Najma Landis, Sarah Pyle Academy (August 2017-July 2020)
Membership Chair - Mike Kempski, Shue-Medill Middle School (October 2017**-July 2018)
Liaison Chair-
Leslie Footman, Elbert-Palmer Elementary School (October 2017***-July 2018)
Communications Chair - Jenn Dalgarn, Gallaher Elementary School (August 2017-July 2020)
Political Action Chair - Woody Woodruff, Newark High School (August 2015-July 2018)
Area A Director (High Schools) - Wendy Johnson, Glasgow High School​ (February 2018****-July 2020)
     Schools:  Christiana, Glasgow, Newark
Area B Director (Middle Schools) - Donya Crichlow, Gauger-Cobb Middle School (August 2016-July 2019)
     Schools:  Gauger-Cobb, Kirk, Shue-Medill
Area C Director (Special Schools) - VACANT (August 2015-July 2018)
     Schools:  Adult Ed, Brennan/DAP, DSD, Eden, Networks
Area D Director (City-Secondary) - Michael Herring, Sarah Pyle Academy (August 2017-July 2020)
     Schools:  Bayard, Douglass, Sarah Pyle
Area E Director (City-Elementary) - Tonya Frazier, Pulaski Elementary School (October 2017*****-July 2018)
     Schools:  Bancroft, Palmer, Pulaski, Stubbs
Area F Director (Elem-Outskirts) - Jessi Walsh, Gallaher Elementary School (August 2015-July 2018)
     Schools:  CEEC, Gallaher, Jones, Smith, Wilson
Area G Director (Elem-Newark) - Ariel Hardy, Downes Elementary School (August 2016-July 2019)
     Schools:  Brookside, Downes, Maclary, McVey, West Park
Area H Director (Elem-Rt. 40) - Belinda Young-Payne, Marshall Elementary School (August 2017-July 2020)
     Schools: Brader, Keene, Leasure, Marshall, Oberle

DSEA UniServ - Julie DeHaas

*-serving the unexpired term of Jackie Kook
**-serving the unexpired term of Susan Norris
***-serving the unexpired term of Darren Tyson
****-serving the unexpired term of David Kohan
*****-serving the unexpired term of Leslie Footman